y’all, it’s here. i’m sure you’ve heard every blogger, every shopper and every person talk about the nordstrom anniversary sale. there’s a reason for that. this is one of the best sales of the year. if not the best. what makes it so great you ask? ah, too easy. nordstrom discounts items that are brand new up to 40% off. did you catch that part? brand new for the season.

it’s not stocking up on 50% off winter coats for next year or buying cute shorts in october for next july. [no shame in doing either, definitely do it every single year]. but the anniversary sale isn’t that kind of sale. it’s buying pieces that are out for the very season you are in and the very next season after that.

the sale grants early access t o d a y for all card holders and opens up to the public july 22 – august 8. once the sale ends, all pieces go back to full price.

everything goes quickly. so be sure to shop your favorites first. i’ve listed three easy shopping tips below and below that, my favorite anniversary sale finds.

shopping tips

1. know your budget

convincing yourself you’re saving money by spending money can easily get out of hand. you are saving but not by spending. set a budget and adhere to it. i always like to find an item or two that i can splurge on and then maintain my normal shopping patterns with everything else.

2. search by designer

if hudson jeans are your go to and free people tops are your style, select these in the filter section and shop them first. i can’t stress enough, everything goes quickly. get your sizes in your favorites while you can.

3. make a list

make a list of things you will need this season. shop these first. if there is money left in your budget after your necessities are checked off, search the sale for the things you want.

one thing i always do during the nordstrom anniversary sale is stock up on gifts. i get ahead on christmas shopping, birthday presents and keep some on hand for house warming or just because gifts. lots of accessories and candles go on sale [ones that rarely ever go on sale]. you can never go wrong with jewelry and candles.

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xo jasmine


IMG_0222 IMG_0224  IMG_0234  IMG_0245 IMG_1465  IMG_0264  IMG_0270 IMG_0277

scarf: glint | jacket: free people | top: bp | beanie: similar | jeans: joe’s| shoes: sorel | cluth: clare v. | watch: daniel wellington | bracelts: kendra scott

photography by: angiegarciaphotography

some days i find myself moving at 100 mph and on my busiest days i just want to be comfortable. i’ve come to realize lounge sweats aren’t appropriate for meetings [major bummer] so i’m always on the hunt for the next best. this look is great for running errands and attending casual meetings or hang outs with friends. swap out the distressed jeans with a nice black pair, and the shoes for a pair of heels and this look becomes office casual [for those of you with relaxed dress code rules.]

i’ve become slightly obsessed with these jeans that are incredibly comfortable and fit like a glove. they’ve easily moved up to my favorite pair. i’m actually real excited to pair them once it warms up outside! ripped jeans were my favorite thing back in my middle school abercrombie days. the part of me that still has a tight grip around my youth was elated when they started popping back up again! i can do without the scarves that turn into tube tops, seatbelt belt buckles and the over use of glitter as makeup. anyone else remember those days? oh to be a kid again!

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xo jasmine





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View More: http://beccaeggerphotography.pass.us/jasmine View More: http://beccaeggerphotography.pass.us/jasmine  View More: http://beccaeggerphotography.pass.us/jasmine View More: http://beccaeggerphotography.pass.us/jasmine

| top: free people | jeans: citizens of humanity | bralette: brandymelville | vest: tahari  [25% off]| beanie: similar | purse: clare v. | watch: danielwellington [15% off with code ‘jasmineelias’] | sunnies: prada | bracelet: katespade |

one look, three ways. fall is all about layering and the best part about layering is you can re-wear pieces and have an entirely new outfit every time. and well, clothes are for wearing. so if you can get multiple outfits out of one piece, you’ve succeeded.

i’m wearing the same basics, a sweater and black ripped jeans in all three looks. the first look is black on black [one of my favorite combos] with a standout bag for a little pop. i changed the look by simply adding a vest [which is crazy comfy and on sale, no code needed]. the third differs with a little beanie action because i really love wearing beanies and let’s face it, texas just does not give us enough beanie-wearing months. it was actually in the high 70’s on this day so not exactly beanie weather, but i’m a texan. i’ll work with it.

i wore the same accessories for all three looks. this watch is on sale with code ‘jasmineelias’ at checkout until november 30th. it’s classic and timeless [a little watch humor, hah!] and has easily become one of my favorite accessories.

with fall in full swing and winter right around the corner, this is a great time to go through your clothes and donate those sweaters and scarves you don’t wear anymore. if you aren’t going to wear them, remember.. there’s always someone that will! and someone that may need them. it’s important to always lend a helping hand when you can, or in this case… a helping sweater 🙂

finding a location to donate your goods is easy. check your local school for clothing drives or find the nearby goodwill. i’d be happy help you find a place if you need one. just ask!

Apple's Camera : beccaeggerphotography


 xo jasmine