About Me

hello! thank you for stumbling upon my blog. here you will find me rambling about fun tips for travels, fashion, beauty, food and life. 🙂

i am texas born and raised, y’all and am proud to be a christian woman. i was raised a christian and have always had a strong passion and desire for Christ but didn’t really get to know Him or grasp just how amazing our Savior is until my adult years. i continue to be amazed by His glory each and every day. if you haven’t gotten to know Him yet, you’ve gotta do it! your life will be forever changed.

God has blessed us with such a stunning world filled with endless sights and beauties to venture upon. discovering these beauties is one of my greatest joys. i love to travel and explore this incredible world He has given us. i gain a sense of peace and an unexplainable happiness when i’m traveling and experiencing new cultures or just challenging my comfort zones and trying new things. i wouldn’t call myself a daredevil, but there aren’t many things on my “never gonna happen list” because i do love a great adventure.

beauty, hair, fashion, accessorizing, love them all. dolling up (sometimes it’s more like experimenting on…) my friends with makeup and a fun hair style to make them feel like beauty queens has always put happiness in my heart. and who doesn’t get excited about a new pair of summer shorts with a tank and sunnies to match? but i do think it’s important to stress that i love them because i think it’s important to feel good about yourself. everyone should be able to look in the mirror and smile at their reflection. just to be clear– not even the most expensive mascara or clothing brand is capable of making that happen, but when you look good, you feel good. but you have to feel good to look good. get it?

food is another passion of mine. ok… who doesn’t have this passion!? i love to cook. i enjoy cooking healthful foods (broccoli has been my favorite food ever since i can remember. as a kid i preferred it smothered in cheese, but would gladly eat it in any form… not too much has changed.) i enjoy trying new foods and experimenting in the kitchen. you never know when you’ll come up with a recipe book worthy meal! cut throat kitchen may be a guilty pleasure of mine. i’m no julia childs, but i can make a pretty mean omelet.

you can typically find me with a smile on my face giggling my way through life. but don’t let me fool you. i have bad days just like everyone else, but the bad days make the good days that much better and sometimes you gotta just laugh it off.

i started my first blog when i challenged myself at age 25 to do 25 things i have never done before. (you can check it out through one of the above tabs!) i have to admit, it was pretty awesome. never had i imagined to sky dive, attempt a food challenge, cliff jump, climb mountains, pet tigers and so much more all in one year. i had so much fun experiencing everything and writing about it that i didn’t want to stop. which brings us here.

i would love to hear from you. share your comments, tips, tricks, whatever you’ve got! if you just want to talk and share your story, share away!!

enjoy 🙂
genesis 1:1 “in the beginning God created the heaven and the earth… and God saw every thing that He had made, and, behold, it was very good.”