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i always say there are two kinds of travel experience. those that are centered around people who want to travel and explore, and those who want to vacation. vacationers like to relax, stay in one place, sleep in and truly unwind. the traveler likes to go out and explore, get lost in a city, wake up at sunrise, and see as much as possible.

one is not better than the other. they are simply preferences. most travelers end up needing a vacation from their travels, and most vacationers go back home feeling refreshed, relaxed and rejuvenated. your experience all depends on what you are wanting to get out of your trip. i’ve always very much been a traveler with a sprinkle of vacation here and there.

what i quickly realized while on my first ever cruise with seabourn, was that sailing with them was
somehow the best combination of both. i was truly able to unwind and relax while simultaneously hit
the ground running and explore a new island every single day.

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one of my most asked question is about this remarkable gem of an airbnb that we stayed in while visiting rome last summer. we booked the room very last minute, and ended up extending because i truly fell in love with the view. so here’s your warning, if you book this airbnb, you will want to spend every second on the most magical balcony in all of rome. i recommend doing a two night stay (minimum) and just enjoy the apartment during that time. have breakfast on the balcony, people watch during the day and have drinks and apps before walking to dinner.

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i had the best long weekend soaking up the sun, playing in the water and eating delicious ceviche in punta de mita, mexico. this was my first time seeing this part of mexico and i am certain it won’t be my last.

it was quiet, but lively and we lucked out with perfect weather during our stay! even though the weather forecast said 100% rain every day we were there! big thank you to you, mother nature!

 Jasmine Elias Boswell, Punta De Mita Mexico, colorful swing in hotel room

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we started our trip touring the property which is an instagrammers dream! every which way you turn is insta-worthy and photo perfect. next, we had a little spa time. this is where the w hotel punta de mita took my breath away. not only was the massage stellar, but the spa pools are worth the visit alone! it felt like having my own personal paradise right in the middle of a lush and beautiful jungle. after enjoying the spa pools for a little [or long while] the rain started to trickle and could not have been more perfect with the timing. the sound was so relaxing and comforting! definitely one of my top most favorite spa experiences!

 Jasmine Elias Boswell, Punta De Mita Mexico, leopard bikini in the jungle spa pools

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jasmine elias boswell and david boswell, kiss on the beach, husband and wife, panama city beach, florida
jasmine elias boswell, on the beach in panama city beach florida, maxi dress and lack of color hat
jasmine elias boswell, colorful houses in panama city beach florida
jasmine elias boswell, on the rocks at st andrews state park in panama city beach florida

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jasmine elias boswell and david boswell, husband and wife on the beach in panama city beach, florida

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enjoying a snow cone at the beach in florida

i’ve always heard how beautiful the panama city beaches are, but i’ll be honest… i had no idea just how beautiful the panama city beaches are.

david and i spent a few days soaking up the sun and breathing in the fresh ocean breeze in this beautiful little town. aside from the stunning views and gorgeous water, panama city

beach just so happens to also be a foodie’s paradise. it was such an unexpected but very pleasant surprise. we beach hopped and restaurant hopped to our hearts’ content and still feel like we only scratched the surface!

below is my travel guide for all things panama city beach. if you happen to stumble upon any other hidden gems in the area (as i know there are many) leave it in the comments below! after all, sharing is caring! and make sure to scroll to the bottom to check out panama city beach’s 2019 calendar of events!


jet ski adventure

i highly recommend this one! we had so much fun cruising around on our jet skis and zipping through the ocean waves. we stopped at shell island where we got to hang out for a bit, but not before admiring numerous dolphins playing in the water just inches away.

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one | bali is much bigger than most people think!

many of the insta-worthy shots that you see all over your instagram feed take a few hours to get to, and many have long lines of people waiting who also want that perfect shot.

try to plan out your must-sees prior to arriving. map it out so you can coordinate with a driver/transportation to save time. while in bali, start your days early! this will cut down on time waiting in lines and chances are you will be able to see more in your day. not to mention, you may be lucky and have some of the gorgeous places all to yourself.

you also want to make sure you are dressed accordingly as many temples have strict rules and dress codes.

there are many different areas within bali as well; seminyak, ubud, canguu, etc. research each one and stay near the area that best suits you!

two | uber is prohibited in bali.

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