my time in the british virgin islands

i stayed on a private island in the british virgin islands!! and it was everything and so much more.

i was fortunate enough to spend 5 days soaking up the sunshine and more importantly, growing at the aerial bvi. the aerial is not your typical beach holiday vacay spot. it’s a wellness resort, that focuses on growth, healing, focus, vision and everything that’s good in life.

every morning, our day started with an activity that helped us get our bodies moving and awaken our minds. it included, hikes along the island, where we ran into the local island goats, mediation, yoga, gym sessions and silent swims. it was refreshing and a great start to any day.

the days then proceeded into sessions. we were discussing all kinds of things during these sessions. hard questions were asked and answered. vulnerability was shown and shined. and inevitably, growth happened. this is what was so unexpected for me. whenever i hear “wellness resort” my mind immediately goes to “reset and relaxation”. that happened at aeriel, but on such a deeper level. the conversation was incredible. i lucked out with such an amazing and open group of people who left their hearts on the table and were immediately surrounded by love and support. to have such a beautiful group of people come together so quickly was in large part to the magic of the island. it’s a safe space where judgement does not exist and everyone truly wants the best for one another.

the rest of the days were filled with activities before we met up for another session and evening fun. the afternoon activities included just about everything. water sports were available. the infinity pool was warm and inviting. and afternoon naps were welcome. my personal favorite activity was taking a trip to redemption ranch. this is where i got to visit all the rescued animals and love on the horses. horseback riding in the water was next level. honestly- a dream for me! the horses each had such a special story. i bonded with moonshot, a rescue from texas. moonshot is a gentle 6ft giant that was left for auction after his owners decided they no longer needed him. his next step could have been to a slaughter house. instead, he now lives out his best life at redemption ranch where he is loved, needed and valued. and goes for afternoon swims. 🙂 the redemption ranch has so many gorgeous horses and a couple of zebra brothers full of personality and ready to give you kisses.

some of my most memorable moments from my time were from meal times. everything is planned for you on the island. all you have to do is show up. if you have dietary restrictions, they’re easily accommodated. i ate up everything in sight. the food is next level good and good for you. a part of the island’s program is to nourish you from the inside out. i have never left any resort wanting more recipes than i did at the aerial bvi. but more than a happy belly, each meal left me with such a happy heart. because our sessions brought out such thought provoking conversation, our meal discussions were always so open and honest. we laughed, cried and filled our minds and spirits with so much love from strangers that immediately turned into family after mere moments on the magical island.

best of all, the owner of the aerial, britnie turner, has an incredible heart. she not only has curated her island and wellness programs to give back to all who enter, but has multiple philanthropic missions helping others from all over.

while planning your trip to the aerial bvi, you can choose to attend a summit (more info here) or book a room for whenever you can show up to the island ready for an incredible adventure and investment in yourself.

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the property

the rooms and views

how to get to aerial BVI

there are multiple routes via plane, most of which will have a stopover in Puerto Rico. from there you will take a small island plane to Tortola, the closest major island. aerial BVI will then assist with your transfer to the island. it’s about a quick 5-10 minute boat ride from Tortola to aerial BVI.

what i packed

i packed warm weather clothes with a lightweight sweater for cooler evenings. be sure to bring plenty of sunscreen and bug spray, too! unfortunately, if you’re like me and you’re a mosquito magnet, they’ll find you wherever you are, private island or not.

clothes i packed

accessories i packed

island essentials

packing essentials