jasmine elias boswell new york december sparkle skirt, free people, beanie
jasmine elias boswell new york december
jasmine elias boswell new york december
jasmine elias boswell new york december
jasmine elias boswell new york december

the holiday season always brings such a beautiful sense of cheer, kindness and joy. with an open heart and an open mind, this joy becomes contagious and spreads throughout.

this holiday season, i’m partnering with Frost Bank to help spread the contagious joy and kindness that is inevitable with the season. the season does also bring the stress of gift giving, travel and planning so i wanted to partake in random acts of kindness to brighten people’s days, whether they were bright already, or needed a little extra light.

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jasmine elias boswell | holiday gift | vera bradley | new york city
jasmine elias boswell | holiday gift | vera bradley | new york city
jasmine elias boswell | holiday gift | vera bradley | new york city

thank you to vera bradley x shopstyle for sponsoring this post

jasmine elias boswell | holiday gift | vera bradley | new york city
jasmine elias boswell | holiday gift | vera bradley | new york city

if you’re still searching for that perfect gift, then i have you covered! today’s dashing deal at vera bradley is featuring the iconic grand hanging organizer. this is the perfect gift for the traveler, the socialite, or the small space living family member or friend. truly, anyone and everyone will love this gift. david even loves this gift! today only you can get the iconic grand hanging organizer for $40 (reg. $70) using code HANGINGWITHJASMINE.

jasmine elias boswell | holiday gift | vera bradley | new york city

the iconic grand hanging organizer keeps all of mine (and david’s) toiletries, hair care, and skincare products organized and protected with our very on-the-go lifestyles. organization is one of my favorite things, and when i’m hurriedly getting ready in the morning, or tiredly trying to get ready for bed, having everything right there in its perfect little place is a game changer.

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i am by no means a hair expert but i have been researching like a mad woman and putting all these tips to the test over the past few months. being diligent in my hair health routine has really helped me  maintain hair health and rehab the damage caused by color, poor hair cuts and heat. if you follow along on instagram i recently shared my story of how my hair was damaged. rather than sulk about it (i did do a good amount of sulking though…) i decided to take action, learn the beauty of patience and make sure to take better care of my hair moving forward. below are my top 10 tips to take better care of your hair. this is the first part of my hair care series. next up i’ll share my tips for healthy hair growth!

sleep with a silk pillowcase

sleeping with a silk pillow case is not only comfortable, but does wonders for your hair and skin. silk pillowcases help lessen the damage caused to your hair while tossing and turning at night. it also helps maintain and tame styled hair throughout your sleep which helps cut down on added heat while styling in the morning.

because silk does not absorb moisture like cotton does, it will also leave your hair more hydrated throughout the night, this is also the same with your skin! since your hair retains its’ moisture while using a silk pillowcase, it helps prevent your hair from getting dry and brittle.

brush your hair with the right kind of brush

after noticing more and more hair coming out on my brushes, even though some were detangling heroes, i made the switch to the wet brush pro per recommendation from carlos at trademark salon in houston. ps. i highly recommend this salon if you’re in the houston area! the wet brush pro is safe to use on wet hair, while in the shower or immediately after (i do try to limit usage while in the shower because hair is most vulnerable when soaking wet). in full honesty, it does take me a little bit longer (maybe 3 or 4 minutes longer) to fully detangle my naturally curly hair immediately after the shower. however, this is because the brush is more gentle on my hair. it still gets the job done. i realized the brushes that i was using previously were just powering through my tangles and ripping out strands that stood in its’ way. the wet brush gently detangles and safely works through knots helping to prevent any damage. if your hair tends to tangle a lot and tangle easily, i’ve linked a detangling spray that i use on my hair immediately after the shower and when necessary on dry styled hair (the wind in the city gets the best of my hair sometimes..).

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i had the best long weekend soaking up the sun, playing in the water and eating delicious ceviche in punta de mita, mexico. this was my first time seeing this part of mexico and i am certain it won’t be my last.

it was quiet, but lively and we lucked out with perfect weather during our stay! even though the weather forecast said 100% rain every day we were there! big thank you to you, mother nature!

 Jasmine Elias Boswell, Punta De Mita Mexico, colorful swing in hotel room

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we started our trip touring the property which is an instagrammers dream! every which way you turn is insta-worthy and photo perfect. next, we had a little spa time. this is where the w hotel punta de mita took my breath away. not only was the massage stellar, but the spa pools are worth the visit alone! it felt like having my own personal paradise right in the middle of a lush and beautiful jungle. after enjoying the spa pools for a little [or long while] the rain started to trickle and could not have been more perfect with the timing. the sound was so relaxing and comforting! definitely one of my top most favorite spa experiences!

 Jasmine Elias Boswell, Punta De Mita Mexico, leopard bikini in the jungle spa pools

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urban outfitters flat brim hat

this particular flat brim hat is a great alternative option for the ever so popular lack of color hat. the material is a little different from the original lack of color hat, but if you’re looking for a more affordable option to achieve falls latest flat brim hat trend, look no further! you can also refer to this post for all my favorite fall hat pics for the season.

 Jasmine Elias Boswell | Fall foliage in Central Park, New York, New York

steve madden snakeskin flat

these flats look so good with all outfits! best of all they are incredibly comfortable. i am always hesitant to buy a trendy shoe because i now need shoes that won’t brake my feet after walking all around new york city. safe to say, these beauties pass the test! ** these do run on the smaller side. i ordered a 1/2 size up for a more comfortable fit.

Jasmine Elias Boswell, Snakeskin flats

gorjana super star necklace

i purchased this necklace after breaking my middle necklace in the set of 3 i use to wear daily. after trying it on, i started wearing it on its’ own because it is such a great statement piece that is dainty at the same time! i do take mine off to shower and sleep in to preserve quality. in fact, i do this with all my jewelry, including my wedding rings. some habits just stick.

magical unicorn rug

when i was searching for rugs for our new little new york apartment i stumbled upon this amazing rug. after reading reviews in which someone referred to this rug as, “a magical unicorn rug,” i bit the bullet and ordered it. it came in 2 day [record timing!] and well, i have to agree. this plush and cloud-like new addition truly is a magical unicorn rug.

Jasmine Elias Boswell | Manhattan New York , New York apartment

vince camuto gigietta fall bootie

these have been my go-to booties for fall because they’re comfortable, classic and on trend. best of all, they come in multiple prints and after wearing my tortilla suede ones so much, i’m considering adding the snakeskin print to my closet, too!

revlon one step volumizer hairdryer

if you haven’t already purchased this baby, then out of everything i recommend this! this is g a m e c h a n g i n g ! this hairdryer takes my curly and frizzy hair and turns it into a salon blowout in a 1/4 the time it used to take me!

acrylic coasters

i found this acrylic coaster set for such a steal on amazon! i’ve been decorating our new york apartment with a lot of acrylic accent pieces because they go great in small spaces! the acrylic look creates an illusion as if it’s not taking up as much space as it truly it. if you have a busy coffee table or bar cart, then these coaster are the way to go! i’m linking the coasters plus a few acrylic favorites that are currently in my apartment.

acrylic coaster | Jasmine Elias Boswell

matters of the heart maxi dress

this stunning gown of a maxi dress is hands down one of my favorites. the white is stunning for all bridal events and the other colors are perfect for everything else. the top layer of tulle moves and flows with you as you walk and the straps are adjustable so you can have the perfect fit.

bracelet stacks

these make the top sellers list time and time again! there are so many amazing pieces at affordable prices. i always mix up my stack to keep things interesting. 🙂

kopari save face oil

i use this oil every single day and think it does wonders! i use it immediately after moisturizing my face in the morning and it helps my make up to apply flawlessly! i will also dab a small amount at night after my nighttime routine and wake up with my skin feeling so good.

happy friday! be sure to scroll down below for a special surprise giveaway.

xoxo | jasmine

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