with the first official day of fall right around the corner [september 23rd for those wondering ;)] it’s time to start transitioning your wardrobe for the long awaited cooler temps.

luckily, that doesn’t mean ditch your entire wardrobe and find new pieces, it just means add in a few extra pieces here and there and transition your current pieces right into the new season.

one of my favorite ways to transition my summer wardrobe into fall, and bring out a few spring pieces too, is to add a wide brim hat and a pair of booties to my outfit. the hat not only warms up your outfit, but is the real MVP for all bad hair days. and booties, well… is there anything more fall than a pair of booties?! grab a PSL and you’re basically as fall as it gets.

shopping for the perfect fall hat doesn’t have to be challenging. i always look for 3 key things:

fall outfit inspo

1: a versatile color

before buying anything i always think of at least 3 different ways i can wear it. that goes for anything. my only exception is formal wear. funky hats are fun and all, but if you can only wear it with one specific outfit in your closet, really think on whether or not it’s the best way to spent your hat fund. if funky and fresh is what you had in mind and well, you only wanted to wear it one way— power to ya!

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nordstrom anniversary sale

the nordstrom sale is here! as i’m sure you are well aware with your instagram feeds blowing up about all the great deals 🙂

there’s a reason it’s such a popular sale. so many new fall finds are discounted and prices go back up once the sale is over.

when shopping the sale, remember to shop for what you need. i always list a few items i need to add to my closet, pick two or three wants [different than needs] and one splurge item.

last year i splurged on this mirror and absolutely LOVE it! i like to think of it as an early birthday gift to myself!

this year my splurge is going to be on this bag. i’ve been needing a smaller sized go-to bag that i can carry day to day, but also dress up. the brand is one i trust and know will last, so this years splurge knocks off a need and a splurge and i couldn’t be more excited for it to come in the mail!

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jasmine elias boswell and david boswell, kiss on the beach, husband and wife, panama city beach, florida
jasmine elias boswell, on the beach in panama city beach florida, maxi dress and lack of color hat
jasmine elias boswell, colorful houses in panama city beach florida
jasmine elias boswell, on the rocks at st andrews state park in panama city beach florida

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jasmine elias boswell and david boswell, husband and wife on the beach in panama city beach, florida

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enjoying a snow cone at the beach in florida

i’ve always heard how beautiful the panama city beaches are, but i’ll be honest… i had no idea just how beautiful the panama city beaches are.

david and i spent a few days soaking up the sun and breathing in the fresh ocean breeze in this beautiful little town. aside from the stunning views and gorgeous water, panama city

beach just so happens to also be a foodie’s paradise. it was such an unexpected but very pleasant surprise. we beach hopped and restaurant hopped to our hearts’ content and still feel like we only scratched the surface!

below is my travel guide for all things panama city beach. if you happen to stumble upon any other hidden gems in the area (as i know there are many) leave it in the comments below! after all, sharing is caring! and make sure to scroll to the bottom to check out panama city beach’s 2019 calendar of events!


jet ski adventure

i highly recommend this one! we had so much fun cruising around on our jet skis and zipping through the ocean waves. we stopped at shell island where we got to hang out for a bit, but not before admiring numerous dolphins playing in the water just inches away.

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with the 4th of july just right around the corner, it’s time to pull out all your patriotic favorites, grab your friends and celebrate. i’ve always been a huge fan of all holidays because i love any reason to be with the people i love most, all celebrating something together.

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this post has been sponsored by American Greetings. all thoughts and opinions are my own.

with as busy as our days get, sometimes the simplest of things get pushed aside. after a long day of grocery shopping, battling traffic and crossing off the many to-do’s on the list, we forget to appreciate those around us.

one of my goals this year was to show more appreciation and give thanks where thanks is due. and let’s be real, no matter how hard our days get, we all have so much to be thankful for.

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