shopbop spring sale


it’s that beloved time of year again. time to shop the shopbop sale and save some money! that’s extra money that you can spend on your next getaway vacation. extra money you can enjoy a refreshing piña colada on the beach with. extra money you can splurge on that chocolatey dessert with or extra money you can put towards ziplining through costa rica. ok, you get the picture.

the shopbop sale is one of my favorites because you can save up to 25% on items that never go on sale. a new clare v. clutch? go for it! more blank denim jeans? why not! one teaspoon shorts? show off those legs, girl! tory burch sandals? a must! very little is excluded and it’s a great time to freshen up your wardrobe for summer and summer trips.

i currently have a serious case of the travel bug. all i want to do is go and see the world and experience new culture and take in beautiful sights. the shopbop sale has only fed fuel to my bug with all of its cute sunnies and summer dresses. i have a couple trips on the horizon that i cannot wait for and i am anxious to post all about my adventures in tahoe  [coming soon!].

for now, i’m daydreaming of the beach while picking out the perfect summer hat and wedges to go with. above are some of my shopbop sale picks. shop away, shoppers!

xo jasmine



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