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top: silence + noise [30% off] | shorts: one teaspoon | shoes: birkenstocks | sweater: kimchi blue [45% off] | purse: toryburch | bracelet: etsy, kate spade | ring: david yurman |

if you ask my friends to describe one of my typical day to day outfits, i can guarantee it will include a pair of cut off shorts and a tank of some sort. i live in cut offs. texas summers can be brutal and these babies keep it real for me. abercrombie used to be my jam back in grade school then i moved to the ever-so-popular true religion with a little urban outfitters in the mix, but my life changed once i bought my first pair of one teaspoon shorts. y’all, it’s an obsession. i don’t even want to own up to how many pairs and different colors/styles i now have. but, they’re my summer uniform, so they’re all getting plenty of wear. that makes it okay, right?

i have a little junk in the trunk [i can’t believe i just said!] so my biggest qualm with shorts has always been coverage. i would have to go a size up, sometimes 2 sizes up just so nothing is hanging out back there. this caused all kinds of awkward fitting, but i was left with no choice. show off my goodies, or keep it classy. i definitely aimed for the latter.

my favorite thing about one teaspoon is that the back of the shorts are significantly longer than they are in the front. this makes me sing praises. praises, y’all. how did no one think of this before? do keep in mind, they are shorter shorts. not parents won’t approve of you leaving the house short [maybe some] but they are not long/school appropriate by any means. so for you taller folk, try before you buy.

i buy my tanks to wear and re-wear. this silence + noise corinne tank top which many of you may recognize because i wear it all the time is one of my favorites. it’s loose and breezy, comes in 9 different colors and is currently 30% off. 🙂

this kimchi blue sweater adds the perfect amount of color to any neutral outfit and is perfect for cooler summer nights or turning summer dresses into a more casual work appropriate outfit. and it’s 45% off, whaaat!

earth tones are my favorite colors to wear. i have an olive skin tone and have always thought they complimented me best. so naturally, i feel most comfortable in them. whites, greens [my favorite color], blacks, browns [except not so much], greys, etc. i live in these colors.

i’ve recently had quite the reality check after some major life changes thrown my way. full disclosure, if you take a closer look at some of my pictures above [i did my best to hide it, so don’t look too close] you’ll see a nice little gap in my back molars.

after chewing on a restaurant peppermint i chipped off a good chunk of my molar [never chewing on a peppermint again!!]. i had to get some major dental work done to repair the little guy which took about a months time. a month with a chunk of my tooth missing.

then, later down the road [both figuratively and literally] my car a/c started acting up on me. problem is now solved and a solution is in the works. however, right after that fiasco, my apartment a/c completely gave out. think of a texas summer with no a/c. not fun people, not fun. on top of it all, i’ve moved to a new city, hello austin texas! and have filled every inch of my plate with commitments.

i was so caught up in the negativity and focusing on all that was going wrong that i was completely ignoring all that was going right. y’all, i’m engaged to the love of my life [proposal story to come]! how can a little a/c problem take away that joy from me?!

i’m in a new city with so many activities to enjoy and life to explore, not to mention closed the gap on my long distance relationship. tuesday night date night? what! that’s unchartered territory for me. how can i not be excited about that?

i’ve filled my plate with planning a wedding [tips, anyone? help a sister out], filming a show [details to come] and a new job with such incredible opportunity. a little chipped tooth that has an easy solution seems so minuscule in the scheme things.

life really is all about perspective, and when you are able to take a step back and appreciate all that is in front of you instead of list all that you wish you could change, you’re able to see how blessed you really are. and how beautiful life really is.

xo jasmine

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photography by: angiegarciaphoto

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cover up: tiare hawaii | beach bag: straw studios, similar | sandals: tory burch | sunglass: rayban | necklace: kendra scott

it’s summer [finally!] so that means to the beach, pronto!

packing for a beach getaway can be as relaxing as sitting on the beach and sipping a piña colada while diving into a good book and thinking about absolutely nothing. okay, maybe not that relaxing, but it can be a easy task.

the first thing i like to think about- before packing anything- is “what will the weather be like”. this determines the very important question of “what am i going to wear?” for most beach vacations it’s bathing suits, sundresses, shorts and tanks.

step one

i like to start with bathing suits first  [i’ll post a bathing suit guide soon]. i like to pack a suit for every day i plan on beaching on the beach or plan on being in the water [4 day vacation = 4 bathing suits, travel days don’t count]. if luggage space is an issue, pack one or two less and re-wear or mix and match your suits.

step two

once bathing suits are out of the way, think about what covers ups to bring. i pack one less cover up than bathing suits and just re-wear. [4 days vacation = 3 coverups]. this tiare hawaii cover up [shown in the pictures above] sold out in the blink of an eye, twice. it’s finally back in stock. hooray y’all!

it’s one size fits all with adjustable straps and might be the cutest cover up i’ve ever owned. the tassels are fun and flirty and the pink adds a perfect pop of color. best of all, wearing this cover up doubles as a sundress so you can take a break from soaking up the sun and walk indoors somewhere for a bite to eat. a girls gotta eat.

i always bring beach coverups that can double as clothing just in case i decide i want to go on a walk through the town or find a cute little restaurant to eat lunch or dinner. this way, i always feel prepared.

here are some other cover ups that are multi-purpose and absolutely adorable.

step three

once i have my beach wear set aside i assess my vacation plans. personally, i enjoy the activities that most beach towns have so i always do a quick google search of the area and make sure i pack a comfortable athletic outfit or two so i can partake in the fun events or go for a relaxing beach jog. some activities require pre-bookings. this makes things even easier. review the website and make sure to plan accordingly. a pair of work out clothes or cut off shorts [my summer time staple] and a tank will typically do the trick.

step four

once my activity outfits are covered for, i pack dinner outfits. i always pack a pair of wedges, which always takes up too much valuable luggage space. i try and talk myself out of it each and every time, but let’s face it. that will never happen because i love wedges.

sundresses and maxis are always my go to. they are the easiest to pack and take minimal effort to put together. after sitting in the sun all day and fighting the urge to take a nap, minimal effort is always nice and always welcome.

step five

the last step takes care of all necessities. jammies, make up, sunblock, bug repellent, charges, cameras, etc. luckily you don’t need too many extras when going to the beach. a good book, enjoyable music and sunglasses will usually have you set!

xo jasmine

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romper: sun & shadow | gladiator sandals: american rag | purse: tory burch | bracelets: katespade, ettika | earrings: kendra scott

i    a m   s p a r t a.

just kidding, but that’s definitely how i feel rocking these beautiful gladiator sandals. i’ve always been a little iffy on both, gladiator sandals [hello terrible tan lines] and rompers [hello diaper look]. but this combo instantly changed my mind about both.

this white laced romper had me sold the moment i saw the crochet detailing and off the shoulder style. not to mention the price tag was one that brought a huge smile to my face [under $55].

as a little girl, i loved rompers. loved them. wore them all the time. i vividly remember this one little purple number with yellow flowers all over it [yikes] that i wanted to wear everywhere. school, church, play dates. you name it, and i was joyously rocking my romper. then the 4th grade rolled around and i ditched my little romper for soccer shorts and oversized tournament tees. oh the days of being a kid.

wearing any shoe above my ankle always makes me think twice. i don’t ever want to shorten my legs anymore than they already are, 5’3 lady over here can use all the lengthening tricks there are. these gladiator sandals not only don’t break the bank, but also are shorter in height. the shorter sandal, paired with the hem of this romper are a perfect combination. it gives me length and doesn’t make me feel stumpy. no one wants to feel stumpy.

i have my latest travel escape planned and i’m off to costa rica in a week! this romper will be joining me on my trip. i always opt for neutrals and outfits that take minimal pieces to create. i’ll be posting my packing list after my trip, so stay tuned! i’m most looking forward to zip lining through the costa rican jungle and hiking the volcano [yeah, a volcano y’all!!] to the picturesque waterfalls and hot springs. needless to say, i’m stoked.

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xo jasmine

happy friday! i searched the world wide web for some of my favorite off the shoulder pieces. i see off the shoulder everywhere i look these days and i am absolutely loving the trend! i used to wear off the shoulder rompers as a little girl and loved it just as much then. i remember finding each and every excuse i could just to wear my charming little maroon colored floral romper. those were days, y’all!

everything linked above is under $100, some as low as even $15. talk about a steal! on top of that a number of stores are giving some amazing deals and discounts for mother’s day weekend [don’t forget, it’s this sunday!]

take 20% your entire anthropologie  purchase with code “xoxo” at checkout

macy’s one day sale offers numerous discounts and free shipping at $25

save up to 40% at steve madden [hello summer wedges!]

neutral colors are always my go-to but summer is around the corner and a pop of color makes everything a little more fun. i bought a lot of the ones posted here and will be styling them for you very soon!

before welcoming a new season i like to go through a clean out phase and declutter my closet. it’s important to only keep what you use. if i find that i went through an entire season without wearing a seasonal piece, then it is time to part ways with that piece. i typically find a women’s shelter or a goodwill in the immediate area to donate all the pieces in my closet that i know someone else will use more than i would. it’s important to give back when you can. before summer takes over, take a look into your closet and see if there is anything you can donate, too. someone somewhere will thank you for it.

have a wonderful weekend! i’ll be soaking up the sunshine and planning some summer travels. can’t wait to share it with you!

xo jasmine



_MG_0146 _MG_0154 _MG_0156 _MG_0160 _MG_0163 _MG_0164 _MG_0168 _MG_0172 _MG_0181 _MG_0194  _MG_0198 _MG_0218 _MG_0224 _MG_0227

dress: ecote | sweater: bdg | shirt: project social | shoes: inc [on sale + extra 25% off with code ‘friend’] | bracelet: katespade, jesdesign | watch: jordwatches | rings: etsy | purse: chanel, similar | earrings: kendra scott

when you find the perfect mix of boho and chic, you rejoice! and to add a cherry on top, this dress has so much versatility. i try and make sure every piece i purchase has versatility so i can get multiple looks out of my purchase. i styled this dress three ways and there are still so many more possibilities

my first look features the dress as my statement piece. i’m all about open backs and this ecote hannah strappy-back maxi dress has such a beautiful and playful design! there is a zipper on the side of the maxi and it ties at the back so you can adjust according to size. i paired this look with inc heels for a little added height and a fun twist. swapping out the heels for a pair of sun seeker gladiator sandals [ <– i love these ones! ] would also be a great option for a more boho or festival look.

my second look is much more comfy with an easy-going boho vibe. i simply paired a black tee over the maxi dress. i tied a front knot on my shirt [i used to do this in elementary school, welcome back front knot] to add a little figure to the loose and casual look.

my third look is my favorite. i love getting all cozy in an oversized sweater. the weather in texas right now is going from hot to cold in a flash so this bdg sweater has been coming everywhere with me lately. i’ll have to part ways with my favorite sweater in just a few short weeks, so for now i’m trying to get as much use out of it as possible! i’ve paired the sweater with the same inc heels and kendra scott earrings. i wore this out to brunch with friends and it worked perfectly.

i’ve started to plan some of my summer trips and i am so excited. so very excited. of course most involve beaches and beach weather so i started kicking it up a notch on the workout front. i grew up playing soccer and use to run a lot. i loved it. yes, you read that correctly. i loved running. if i was stressed about something, i would go for a relaxing run, if i was bored, i would entertain myself with a run, if i was sore after a soccer tournament… i would go running?!

i continued to run and enjoy it even after hanging up my cleats, but every winter i hibernate with the bears and avoid the cold weather at all costs. i’ve never enjoyed running on treadmills so when mother nature says goodbye to the beautiful sunny 80 degrees and hello to anything below 50, i take a ‘break’ from the trails.

this past weekend texas had beautiful sunny weather so i laced up my running shoes and welcomed the new season with a long run. the sunshine and the run both felt amazing. however, immediately after, i fell ill. my boyfriend tried searching my symptoms on webmd before i put a stop to it in fear of it diagnosing me with 7 days to live. we did broad a google search instead and found blog posts referring it to “runner’s flu”. something that happens when you go for a long run in the heat after not running for an extended period of time. basically, my take away was i got sick as a result of being out of shape!! definitely a lesson i’ll remember for next winter, y’all. i’ll have to find something enjoyable during the cold months.

xo jasmine

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photography by: angiegarciaphoto

tory burch spring sale event is happening now and you can save up to 30% by using code ‘bloom’ at checkout.

fashion can be so much, but can cost a pretty penny. every friday i’m going to share some of my favorite finds that have special savings.

today, it’s tory burch. i have never had any issues with any tory burch product i’ve purchased. the pieces are classic and timeless. i wear these tory burch miller sandals everywhere during the summer and my ballet flats are a work attire staple.

i always fit true to size in tory burch shoes and every pair i have owned have been incredibly comfortable. it’s a brand that i recommend to all my friends for pieces that will last and be re-worn time and time again.

xo jasmine


_MG_0065 _MG_0078 _MG_0082 _MG_0085_MG_0021  _MG_0039 _MG_0089

dress: indah | shoes: jeffery campbell | watch: c/o jord watches | sunglasses: rayban| bracelets: kendra scott, c/o jesdesign | earrings: kendra scott | purse: gucci

i cannot tell you how excited i am that off the shoulder dresses, shirts, sweaters [off the shoulder everything!] is back. it is easily one of my most favorite styles. the bare shoulder mixes the perfect amount of sexy and sweet without showing too much. it’s perfect.

this blush off the shoulder dress is no exception. it’s so lightweight and breezy. you can wear it out to brunch [i did just last week while admiring the new hush puppies spring collection] or to a dinner date with your beau. but please do heed my warning, you’ll want to constantly twirl around in this beauty. i seriously couldn’t stop. the bell shaped sleeves mixed with the flow of this dress left me helpless.

there are 3 different color options, two of which you will need a slip for [the white and the blush]. they’re selling quick, as of right now all sizes are available and the white is on sale!

dresses like this one, a simple and lightweight dress that takes up minimal space is perfect for to take on a trip. when packing you want outfits that you can either wear in different ways, or are simple and easily put together. my 4 step packing guide elaborates on this further and makes packing for any trip a piece of cake.

these jeffery campbell wedges that i’ve been wearing on repeat, are selling out quick! i’ve found a couple different retailers that have them, all of which are moving fast. i’ve worn them 4 out of the past 6 days. they give a great boost of height and are incredibly comfortable to walk and move around in and fit true to size.

although this gucci bag comes with a hefty price tag, i firmly believe in investing in pieces you will wear for years to come. this bag is so versatile. it goes great with spring and summer looks and becomes an elegant clutch that matches just about any wedding guest dress you can find. i think it’s important to save on trendy pieces that you may look back on question why you bought it in the first place and invest in pieces [especially jewelry and handbags] that you can wear with just about anything. if this bag isn’t your investment piece i’ve linked some similar, options as well. some of which are major steals and are under $20.

xo jasmine

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 photography by: angiegarciaphoto



_MG_0277 _MG_0283 _MG_0286 _MG_0293 _MG_0296 _MG_0313 _MG_0316 _MG_0323 _MG_0351 _MG_0353 _MG_0356

short: one teaspoon | tank: silence + noise | sweater: bdg | shoes: stevemadden | purse: louis vuitton | sunglasses: rayban | rings: etsy | earrings: kendrascott | bracelet: kendra scott, c/o jesdesign | watch: c/o jordwatches

distressed, cut-off one teaspoon shorts are a summer time staple of mine. i pair them with everything. running to the grocery store, cut-offs and a white tshirt. going to a concert, cut-offs and a flowy blouse. lunch date, cut-offs, fringed steve madden heels and a cute top, i could keep going. they work for everything and are so comfortable! also, side note for girls with a little junk in the trunk [like me] they cover well. most are actually significantly longer in the back for that purpose. thank you one teaspoon, girlfriend over here needs and appreciates that!

as it’s not quite summer yet and mother nature has decided to hang on to some of the winter cold, i paired this outfit with a loose oversized sweater. wearing it off the shoulder allows for a little breeze while still keeping me warm enough during the chilly days of spring.

i had to stop myself from buying this silence + noise tank in every single color. you’ve seen it on me in dark green, too. i’m in love with it’s lightweight and soft material. easily another summer staple of mine and it’s under $40! come summer i’ll ditch the sweater and bear my sunkissed shoulders [hopefully by then i’ll have sunkissed shoulders, a girl can dream!]

summer beauty tip: deep condition your hair

heat from styling tools (always use a heat protector spray before using any styling tools) does enough damage to our luscious locks as it is. when you add in the dreaded chlorine from summer time swimming pools, our hair send cries for help in the form of frizz and split ends. one of the ways i give my hair some much needed tlc is with a leave in conditioner. it does wonders for my hair.

once a month, lather your hair up, turn on a tv show and let that conditioner work it’s magic. it’s a 10 miracle hair mask is one of my favorite products for this, but there are other great ones out there too. every product while vary by how long it tells you to keep the conditioner in for, i usually add a few minutes to whatever it tells me, before rinsing it out. if your hair is in need of a repair, up it to twice a month, or every week until you’ve repaired your damage locks. i deep condition with a leave in conditioner about once a month for maintenance. once a week is where i would cap it, too much of a good thing is real.

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xo jasmine

photography by: angiegarciaphoto

have you been eyeing a new pair of summer flats? or maybe you’ve been searching for the perfect pair of summer shorts. well, now is the time. one of my favorite sales, shopbop friends and family, starts today! shopbop is currently offering 25% off full priced and sale items. a few exclusions apply.

[enter code: INTHEFAM at checkout]

this sale includes items that rarely ever go on sale. claire v clutches, kate spade hand bags, blank denim distressed jeans …. you name it.

i know my current calendar is jam-packed with weddings. from destination airfare, hotels, shower/wedding gifts, and having the proper attire, being a wedding guest can add up quickly. save where you can! i found some of the perfect wedding guest dress options that i’m snagging up for the 109842304 weddings i’ll be attending this year.

ah and let us not forget! mother’s day is just around the corner on sunday, may 8. don’t forget about sweet ‘ole mom while your shopping the sale. dogeared has some great necklace options that will be sure to make mom smile!

happy shopping!

_MG_0222   _MG_0184    _MG_0194 _MG_0197 _MG_0204 _MG_0213 _MG_0214 _MG_0218_MG_0223 _MG_0224    _MG_0242  _MG_0252 _MG_0253 _MG_0257

top: silence + noise | jeans: mother | chambray: madewell | purse: katespade | bracelets: kendra scott & c/o jesdesign | rings: etsy | necklace: dogeared | shoes: (steve madden from last year, sold out) similar, similar | sunglasses: wildfox, similar (lower cost)

photography by @angiegphotography

spring has sprung! which means all of my bright colors are making their way to the forefront of my closet again. i typically gravitate towards neutrals and solids but every now and then a bright yellow bag is the perfect accessory and the perfect print becomes a must have. View Post


IMG_1665 IMG_1669 IMG_1690


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FullSizeRender 29


jeans: bank denim | top: silence + noise | sweater: silence + noise [on sale] | purse: similar, katespade  | heels: sam edelman | ring: etsy | watch: danielwellington | sunglasses: rayban  | bracelet: katespade

comfy and cozy will forever be my go-to. these distressed denim jeans are hands down my favorite and are under $100 [what, what!]. you can dress them up with a nice tucked in blouse and heels or dress them down for a casual afternoon or evening with a half tucked in tee and some flats.

i took the middle path wearing a loose tank [which is incredibly soft and comfortable and now have in 3 colors] and added a light sweater because texas nights are still a little chilly. i dressed the look up by adding a pair of blush pink pumps to the mix. i love adding heels to my outfits because they’re fun, sassy and i’m 5’3 [and a half.. don’t forget that half!] the added height lengthens your legs, and adds a bit of spunk to any look. i could have worn this same outfit with a pair of converse [and i have] for a completely different and more casual day look. you could easily take this outfit to a night out look by  ditching the pillow soft sweater [hard to do] and adding a blazer and statement necklace.

i always keep in mind the versatility of a piece before making a purchase. i like to wear my clothes more than once, in different ways [sometimes the same way, over and over] and ask myself a few questions before making any investments.

xo jasmine

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it is no secret that i love a good shopping spree. who doesn’t? retail therapy is real, y’all and it’s like sending yourself christmas presents year round. some retailers even wrap your items with tissue paper, or present jewelry in nice pretty boxes. christmas! it’s very easy to get caught up in the must haves and gotta have it’s with the ever changing seasons. i’m all on board with freshening up your wardrobe, but unfortunately going around and buying everything just isn’t feasible, or practical.

i like to kick spring off by cleaning out my closet of all the items that have made it a full circle of seasons and have not been worn. i find a charity to donate all of the re-wearable pieces [some have been worn too many times and just don’t make the cut] and replace the empty hanging hangers in my closet with new pieces. before making any purchase, even if it is a lower cost $30 shirt, i ask myself the following 5 questions:

1.  will i actually wear this?

if you aren’t feeling an outfit in the fitting room, chances are, you are going to make the purchase only to have the piece sit in your closet. don’t make a purchase just because everyone else has it or because you want to carry the name brand [this is easy to get caught up with, if the name brand was removed, would you still want to buy that item?]

make sure you feel comfortable and confident in what you are trying on. does the piece fit your body type now? with summer around the corner, i know we are all wanting to look good in that itty bitty teeny weenie yellow polka dot bikini, but be patient with yourself and don’t get ahead of the process. if you’re on a weight loss journey take yourself shopping to reward yourself after you’ve accomplished your goals. but as for now, be proud of yourself in the moment, and buy what fits you.

lastly, make a purchase because it fits in with your style. be proud of your style and rock it. it reflects your personality and your uniqueness. 

2. what will i wear this with?

always pre-plan some outfits in your mind and think how you would style the piece before buying it. do you need to do some additional shopping to make it work? or will your new addition fit right into the rest of your style and wardrobe. can you wear it more than one way or are you buying a one trick pony? a versatile piece is always the greatest investment. 

3. what is the return policy?”

can you return the item if you get home and decide you really didn’t like it all that much? or maybe you went home to find you have something nearly identical already hanging in your closet. if you ordered online, can you send it back if the fit doesn’t work for your body type? or perhaps you need to exchange it for a different size?

nordstrom, shopbop, revolve, amazon and zappos all have amazing return policies and are some of my favorite online shops to frequent. they all offer free returns and ship quickly, so you aren’t waiting for your items for weeks at a time [which is never fun]. 

a number of sites require you to pay for the return shipping and some even ask for a re-stocking fee. if you purchased only one item, sometimes it is not even worth sending it back because the cost almost amounts to the item itself. if you are purchasing from a new website, you can typically find the return policy near the bottom of the page, or simply type “returns” in the search if one is provided.

4. can i afford this?

i set a monthly budget for myself to spend on clothing, beauty and adventures [i give myself a little extra on my birthday month and around the holidays]. having new pieces is fun and exciting, but not worth it if it is not in your budget. credit card debt is avoidable and being financially responsible is an important part of growing up. it’s okay to splurge every once in a while, because you deserve it. but take a look at your purchase before you buy it and make sure it doesn’t put you over the edge.

beware of sales because it is easy to spend just as much if not more during them. i’m guilty of spending money because i feel like i’m saving money during a sale, but a good rule of thumb is to ask yourself, “would i have bought this at full price? or am i more attracted to the lower cost than the item itself?” if the answer is the latter of the two, you probably don’t need the new item.

quality v quantitiy comes into play here. if you bought 3 sale pieces that you normally would not have purchased, you could have bought 1 non sale items that would be on repeat in your wardrobe instead of being a one time wear sale piece. [this doesn’t happen every time. some sales really are phenomenal and a number of sale pieces that i have purchased are worn religiously, but i have had some sit in my closet because the saving was so great that i felt i couldn’t pass it up. turns out, i really could have passed it up.]

5. do i love it?

are you going to walk away thinking about an outfit or piece of clothing? or will you forget about it the next day. finding a piece that you love is exciting, but make sure it’s true love and not just an infatuation. if you’ll forget about it the next day, then chances are you don’t need it. if you can’t wait to wear it and are already planning how to style it for tomorrow’s outfit, then go on with your bad self and enjoy your newest closet addition 🙂

xo jasmine

IMG_2205 IMG_2206 IMG_2207  _MG_0290 _MG_0307  _MG_0311 _MG_0318   _MG_0328 _MG_0329 _MG_0331 _MG_0334 _MG_0344 _MG_0352 \_MG_0354shirt: leith | jeans: res | shoes: sold out, similar | clutch: claire v. | rings: etsy | mascara: lancome | lipstick: ysl | earrings: kate spade | photography: angiegarciaphotography

white on white is risky business, y’all.  i instinctively jump in every puddle, play with any and every dog i see and thanks to my graceful clumsiness, spilling coffee on myself is no longer an unexpected surprise. not to mention, white can also be unforgiving.

i’ve conquered all the above by simply carrying a stain remover pen with me at all times. therefore, i can dare to step out in all white. the pens are small enough to fit in a clutch and truly are lifesavers. as for the unforgiving factor, combining a loose fit top with more form fitting bottoms [or vice versa] will work wonders. trust me, wonders i tell ya.

this white shirt has been on major repeat for me. i’ve worn it with cut off shorts, added a belt for a pop of color and worn it loosely over my favorite pair of distressed denim jeans. i’m finding more ways to style it/excuses to wear it, every day. it’s lightweight and oversized so it has a nice flow to it. [oversized is my favorite style].

confession time: wearing white before memorial day and after labor day is probably one of the biggest rules i’ve ever broken, and it’s not even a real rule. i’ve recently moved and through the stress of finding a new place and packing everything i own, wearing all white and feeling like a rebel [i know, so rebellious] was a nice little upbeat kick for me. oh the little things!

xo jasmine

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