birkenstocks + summer shorts

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top: silence + noise [30% off] | shorts: one teaspoon | shoes: birkenstocks | sweater: kimchi blue [45% off] | purse: toryburch | bracelet: etsy, kate spade | ring: david yurman |

if you ask my friends to describe one of my typical day to day outfits, i can guarantee it will include a pair of cut off shorts and a tank of some sort. i live in cut offs. texas summers can be brutal and these babies keep it real for me. abercrombie used to be my jam back in grade school then i moved to the ever-so-popular true religion with a little urban outfitters in the mix, but my life changed once i bought my first pair of one teaspoon shorts. y’all, it’s an obsession. i don’t even want to own up to how many pairs and different colors/styles i now have. but, they’re my summer uniform, so they’re all getting plenty of wear. that makes it okay, right?

i have a little junk in the trunk [i can’t believe i just said!] so my biggest qualm with shorts has always been coverage. i would have to go a size up, sometimes 2 sizes up just so nothing is hanging out back there. this caused all kinds of awkward fitting, but i was left with no choice. show off my goodies, or keep it classy. i definitely aimed for the latter.

my favorite thing about one teaspoon is that the back of the shorts are significantly longer than they are in the front. this makes me sing praises. praises, y’all. how did no one think of this before? do keep in mind, they are shorter shorts. not parents won’t approve of you leaving the house short [maybe some] but they are not long/school appropriate by any means. so for you taller folk, try before you buy.

i buy my tanks to wear and re-wear. this silence + noise corinne tank top which many of you may recognize because i wear it all the time is one of my favorites. it’s loose and breezy, comes in 9 different colors and is currently 30% off. 🙂

this kimchi blue sweater adds the perfect amount of color to any neutral outfit and is perfect for cooler summer nights or turning summer dresses into a more casual work appropriate outfit. and it’s 45% off, whaaat!

earth tones are my favorite colors to wear. i have an olive skin tone and have always thought they complimented me best. so naturally, i feel most comfortable in them. whites, greens [my favorite color], blacks, browns [except not so much], greys, etc. i live in these colors.

i’ve recently had quite the reality check after some major life changes thrown my way. full disclosure, if you take a closer look at some of my pictures above [i did my best to hide it, so don’t look too close] you’ll see a nice little gap in my back molars.

after chewing on a restaurant peppermint i chipped off a good chunk of my molar [never chewing on a peppermint again!!]. i had to get some major dental work done to repair the little guy which took about a months time. a month with a chunk of my tooth missing.

then, later down the road [both figuratively and literally] my car a/c started acting up on me. problem is now solved and a solution is in the works. however, right after that fiasco, my apartment a/c completely gave out. think of a texas summer with no a/c. not fun people, not fun. on top of it all, i’ve moved to a new city, hello austin texas! and have filled every inch of my plate with commitments.

i was so caught up in the negativity and focusing on all that was going wrong that i was completely ignoring all that was going right. y’all, i’m engaged to the love of my life [proposal story to come]! how can a little a/c problem take away that joy from me?!

i’m in a new city with so many activities to enjoy and life to explore, not to mention closed the gap on my long distance relationship. tuesday night date night? what! that’s unchartered territory for me. how can i not be excited about that?

i’ve filled my plate with planning a wedding [tips, anyone? help a sister out], filming a show [details to come] and a new job with such incredible opportunity. a little chipped tooth that has an easy solution seems so minuscule in the scheme things.

life really is all about perspective, and when you are able to take a step back and appreciate all that is in front of you instead of list all that you wish you could change, you’re able to see how blessed you really are. and how beautiful life really is.

xo jasmine

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  1. June 22, 2016 / 11:46 am

    I have this same pair of birkenstocks (but in a different color) and I love them! Wear them with everything!

  2. June 22, 2016 / 11:46 am

    I love your style! How have I not found you before?? Also I am in love with how comfy those birkenstocks look.

  3. June 22, 2016 / 11:54 am

    I didn’t even notice the chip molar – even after you wrote about it in your post! Keep your chin up and keep smiling! Congratulations on the engagement (how exciting!!) and your upcoming marriage! This should be such a fun time for you! My recommendation for planning is to stay true to who y’all are as a couple and don’t feel obligated to do something just because it’s “how it’s supposed to happen.” My favorite weddings (coming from someone who photographs them every other weekend) are ALWAYS the ones where the couple lets their personality shine! Can’t wait to read your proposal story! As another Austin, Texas girl who has some “junk in the trunk” – thank you SO MUCH for the shorts recommendation! This is always such a struggle!

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