pineapple vase

| pineapple | flowers |

| step 1 |

  gather all ingredients and kitchenware 
     flowers (any floral arrangement will work)
     cutting board

| step 2 |

  remove the top leafy part of the pineapple. you want to extend 
  the cut to about a half inch below the start of the leaf line.

| step 3 |

  carefully remove the fruit inside of the pineapple. you can do 
  this by cutting in a circle around the edges, then make four   
  boxes using one horizontal and one vertical cut (as shown 
  below). next, carefully hold the pineapple while cutting out the 
  inside. this can easily be done by holding the knife
  diagonally. you can use a spoon to scoop out any remaining fruit.

  the fruit does not have to come out in pretty chunks. please be 
  careful when removing. because i hacked away at the inside fruit, 
  i stored it in the freezer to use in smoothies later. (recipes to 

| step 4 |

  once only the skin of the pineapple remains, place flowers 

  * you may need to cut the stems to fit, depending on pineapple   
  and flower stem size.

  * do not add water to the pineapple, it will leak through. if you 
  are planning to have these flowers sit in the pineapple vase for 
  an extended period of time, please purchase a small vase that 
  fits inside the pineapple to properly contain the water. 

  * i placed stems and leaves from my bouquet around the centerpiece   for a more tropical feel.