the lazy girl’s skinny chicken salad

| chicken | pickles | celery | salt | pepper | mayonnaise | onion |

  serving size: 3-6
  preparation time: 10 minutes
  cook time: 0 minutes

| step 1 |

  gather all ingredients and kitchenware 
     2 chicken breasts (pre-made, store bought rotisserie)
     6-8 dill pickles (mt olive kosher baby dills with sea salt*)
     3 celery stalks (fresh store or farmers market bought)
     1 tsp pepper (mccormick’s black peppercorn)
     1 tsp salt (morton’s course kosher*)
     1/4 onion (pre-chopped)
     2 tbsp mayonaise (kraft mayo with olive oil*)
     prosecco (for moral support, this is optional)
     cutting board
     food processor
     bowl, large
     mixing spoon



| step 2 |


  remove skin, drumsticks and wings from the rotisserie chicken.  
  peel all visible white meat off of the bone and place on a     
  separate plate. this does not have to look pretty, it will soon   
  go into the processor to be chopped.

  remove 3 celery stalks from bundle and wash thoroughly. place  

  measure out 1 tsp salt and 1 tsp pepper. place aside.

  peel outer coating of onion and discard. cut 1/4th of onion and   
  place aside. 


| step 3 |

  chop the food

  place torn chicken breasts into processor and press start. hold   
  chop button for 3 seconds and assess. if chicken needs to be 
  chopped more, repeat. the chicken should be chopped into very 
  small pieces without any visible chunks. depending on your food 
  processor’s speed and capabilities, be sure to not over chop.

  repeat the above process with the onion, celery and dill pickles. 
  chop each ingredient separately and in 3 second increments. pay   
  attention to the food pieces in the processor. you do not want to 
  over chop. with celery in particular, over chopping can cause a 
  build up of moisture and result in mushy celery. this can easily 
  be avoided by only chopping your food in no more than 3 second 

| step 4 |


  add salt, pepper, chopped chicken, chopped onion, chopped celery   
  and chopped pickle into large sized bowl. mix evenly.


  once mixture looks even, add 2 tbsp of mayo* and continue to mix 

| step 5 |


   pour 3-4 heaping table spoons per serving and garnish with celery 
   stalk. enjoy your easily made lazy girl’s skinny chicken salad.   


 * these ingredients can be swapped out for other name brands.
 * salt and pepper can be added to taste.
 * for a creamier chicken salad, add extra mayo. add in no more than  
   1/2 tbsp increments for best results. 
 * for additional flavor options, red onion, crushed walnuts or 
   sliced grapes can be added.