i am by no means a hair expert but i have been researching like a mad woman and putting all these tips to the test over the past few months. being diligent in my hair health routine has really helped me  maintain hair health and rehab the damage caused by color, poor hair cuts and heat. if you follow along on instagram i recently shared my story of how my hair was damaged. rather than sulk about it (i did do a good amount of sulking though…) i decided to take action, learn the beauty of patience and make sure to take better care of my hair moving forward. below are my top 10 tips to take better care of your hair. this is the first part of my hair care series. next up i’ll share my tips for healthy hair growth!

sleep with a silk pillowcase

sleeping with a silk pillow case is not only comfortable, but does wonders for your hair and skin. silk pillowcases help lessen the damage caused to your hair while tossing and turning at night. it also helps maintain and tame styled hair throughout your sleep which helps cut down on added heat while styling in the morning.

because silk does not absorb moisture like cotton does, it will also leave your hair more hydrated throughout the night, this is also the same with your skin! since your hair retains its’ moisture while using a silk pillowcase, it helps prevent your hair from getting dry and brittle.

brush your hair with the right kind of brush

after noticing more and more hair coming out on my brushes, even though some were detangling heroes, i made the switch to the wet brush pro per recommendation from carlos at trademark salon in houston. ps. i highly recommend this salon if you’re in the houston area! the wet brush pro is safe to use on wet hair, while in the shower or immediately after (i do try to limit usage while in the shower because hair is most vulnerable when soaking wet). in full honesty, it does take me a little bit longer (maybe 3 or 4 minutes longer) to fully detangle my naturally curly hair immediately after the shower. however, this is because the brush is more gentle on my hair. it still gets the job done. i realized the brushes that i was using previously were just powering through my tangles and ripping out strands that stood in its’ way. the wet brush gently detangles and safely works through knots helping to prevent any damage. if your hair tends to tangle a lot and tangle easily, i’ve linked a detangling spray that i use on my hair immediately after the shower and when necessary on dry styled hair (the wind in the city gets the best of my hair sometimes..).

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1. give your hair a day off

have at least one day a week where you don’t apply any heat to your hair. [you can do this every other week if once a week is just too much]. every 3-4 weeks [on your heat free day] apply a deep conditioner and really give your hair some TLC.

you can also use a moroccan oil or something equivalent to provide your hair with much needed nutrients on your heat free days.

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2. dry shampoo

dry shampoo is life. the best way to apply is by sectioning off the top portion of your hair. secure the bottom portion with a hair tie. let the top half fall with your part showing. then start with one side of your part. using a comb [or your fingers] separate the top layer of hair and apply the dry shampoo at the root of the hair. [ you never want to apply dry shampoo on the very top layer of your hair.]

once you apply the dry shampoo shake your fingers through your hair to disperse it thoroughly. for extra volume, move your fingers in a circular motion to create a tease in your hair.

if you are a warm sleeper, or know you will be working out/going to be outside in the morning, use dry shampoo before bed. i specifically apply dry shampoo to the bottom layers of my hair [always at the root] before bed when i’m in between washes. this helps my hair stay clean while i sleep.

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3. use a blow dryer

if you plan on styling your hair and making it last, use a blow dryer. it’s no myth that washing your hair every day isn’t the best for it. if you have a mane like mine [lots of thick, curly hair with a mind of its’own], washing your hair every day isn’t practical because #ittakesavillage [am i right!?].

one of the most effective ways to make the most out of your wash day and keep your hair looking fresh and grease free for a few extra days, is to use your blow dryer. always always always use a heat protector prior, but do give yourself a mini blowout. this helps to get rid of some of the natural oils in your hair that tend to weigh it down and give it that greasy and dirty look.

i personally blow dry my hair, then use a flat iron to straighten and style. using a flat iron brings back some of those oils, so as a final touch up, i will blow dry my hair just at the crown to get rid of some of those excess oils. this not only gives ample volume, but keeps your hair looking cleaner, longer.

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4. sleep with a silk pillow case

bed head is real and it is avoidable. try swapping your pillow case out for a silk one. [some of my favorites are below]. your every day pillow case can cause friction with your hair, resulting in the dreaded split ends and for me, a hot tangled mess. the silk proteins are more gentle on your hair, so you wake up with that “i woke up like this” hair. ladies, we flawless. [ i had to ].

another great tip, if you sleep with your hair tied up try a scrunchie. yup, a good ‘ole 80’s style scrunchie. the scrunchie is softer on your hair and prevents the crease that a normal hair tie creates.

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5. condition then shampoo

this little swap-a-roo makes a surprising difference. conditioner is wonderful for your hair, but it also weighs it down and leaves it moisture-rich [which is not technically a bad thing]. if you have healthy hair, try conditioning first, then apply the shampoo. this will add a little extra volume and give you an extra day in between washes.

my hair tends to dry out on the ends, so i condition just the ends of my hair after shampooing to add back the necessary moisture.

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xoxo | jasmine